A new visit to our Press Office of the Festival fills us with good news. The winning pair of the ANSFF BA2016 Awarded for Best Actress in Medium-length Film, Maia Morgenstern and the Audience Award for Best Director, Robert Eugen Popa, will soon start the Pre-Production of a new film to be shot in Constanta, Romania, with the support of CineMaraton.

Maia Morgenster & Robert Eugen Popa

Last Tango in Constanta. Feature film in a format of hilarious comedy, which includes a Latin character, playboy revolutionary, very controversial Latin character from the real life of the 80s -actor that at the moment the Producer keeps in ultra secret-, where the story of the film lies in the value of friendship, immersed in a complex entanglement of intrigues, hilarious situations, political irony, romance and action in the best James Bond style, wrapped in an atmosphere that stands out with touches of Tango music, dance, wine and Argentine football.

All this in the hands of Geo Dobre (actor of the Romanian film “4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days” winning film of “La Palma de Oro” in Venice 2007), Vali Popescu (Protagonist of “Luxury Hotel” winning film of “León de Plata” in Venice 92), the special participation of the first Romanian Actress, Maia Morgenstern (protagonist with Mel Gibson, personifying Maria, in the film “The Passion of Christ” )

Production that stands out not only for its cast, but also has the renowned Producer and Director of Cinematography, Viorel Sergovici, who has a career of over 80 films as Director of Cinematography and another 14 as a Producer, noted for his work in the ANSFF 2016, with the Award for Best Director of Cinematography.

Written by Robert Eugen Popa and Timothy Brice, another winning duo, Special Mention for Best Screenplay by Audience Award ANSFF 2016, and until they reveal the name of the Latino actor, we can only add that the film has the Production and Direction of Robert Eugen Popa, from whom we expect a quick new visit to tell us more about the film and the other projects he has scheduled for this 2019.

How important extra data of Last Tango in Constanta. The Producers have planned to build the project in three formats: Feature Film for Television, confirmed the support and presentation for the screen of the Romanian Television Channel, CineMaratón; how Feature Film for Cinema Venues, with more scenes and duration, to be exhibited in Movie theaters; and how Short Film, with a special edition, to be presented at International Film Festivals.





Recently we have received in our Press Office, the kind visit of the feature film director Milos Twilightone of the talented Filmmakers who have participated in our ANSFF, being awarded in the 2016 edition with Awards and Special Distinctions of our Festival.

He came to present his new projects, a documentary and a feature film, both based on the emblematic figures of the musicians Frederic Chopin and Franz Liszt, the two most important pianist in the world history.

These projects were developed thanks to the exhaustive work of about thirty years of research by the Argentine filmmaker living in Los Angeles and France, Milos Twilight, along with a large group of researchers, institutions and historians from France, Poland, Italy, Swiss, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany.

From these findings and new revelations, a new mega project was born, divided into 4 installments:

Frederic Chopin and La Nouvelle Athenes” (Documentary)

Liebestraum” (Feature Film)

La Nouvelle Athenes, the truth behind the 19th century Myths” (TV series)

Gothic Revolution“, Biographical book about Frederic Chopin

The shooting of these films are planned to be carried out in the original locations where the historical events took place, traversing the “never seen before” documented facts of the characters through the plot within the imposing landscapes and locations of Poland, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Swiss and France, and in cities such as Warsaw, Dresden , Berlin, Vienna, Venice, Geneva and the glorious Paris.

This colossal project has involved the Producers Andrew Vajna, Donna White, Milos Twilight, Brigitte Guillon and Gabriel Fiorentino; with Milos Twilight as the Writer and Director, in addition to the special participation of Jean Claude Menou (former Director of Heritage of French Culture) as narrator of Documentary.

It should be noted that these Projects have the Cultural Interest and Support of renowned personalities and cultural entities from around the world, including:

Frederic Chopin Institute and Museum from Warsaw; LVMH Foundation -Moet Hennessy Luis Vuiton; Rothschild Family Foundation; Mairie de Paris – Direction des Affaires Culturelles; Lisztomania International; Musee du Luvre; Museaum Metropolitan of New York; Archives of Paris; Emmanuelle Toulet (Director of the Archives of Paris); Jean Claude Menou (former Director of French Cultural Heritage); Jean Ives Clément (Notable French Historian and Writer); UCLA University; Science Po Center D’histoire; CNRS; British Embassady in Paris, CIA Archives from the United States and many more.

Pretty soon we will have more juicy details and information, but for now, we share this advance with you: